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Teen Facials

Teen Facials

With adolescence comes physiologic skin changes, its normal and some teenagers breeze through this… others struggle. At Beauty Delphine we believe the earlier you assist your teenager in caring and protecting their skin, the better they will avoid scars, marks and blemishes. Astrid  can help your teenager apply simple methods to their daily routine to assist their skin. Simple things like changing their pillow cases more regularly, rinsing shampoo and cleansers off their skin better and drinking more water. We have teenage skin kits in store to educate your child on the basics of skin health. (La Clinica)

Fabulous teen Facial (75 min)

Hydra Clean – $119

This nice Teen Facial will cleanse and re-hydrate your skin. Hydra Clean is a deep cleansing , hydration and radiance treatment. The heated electrode allows the specific cleansing gels to penetrate deep into the skin. This treatment focuses on prevention, acne, scarring, black heads and educating our teenagers on how to care for their skin at home. This treatment includes a customised mask and massage. We are really passionate about teenage skin, because if we can set the foundations of great habits early, then we can prevent so much damage in the future.Suitable for all skin types . The Purifying cleansing gels are soap free and provide antimicrobial and hydrating benefits. Extractions are performed to clean the skin of impurities. Indulge yourself with this cleansing  moisturising treat.


Microdermabrasion – $115

Microdermabrasion is a safe & gentle, non-invasive purifying treatment that results in smoother, fresher & cleaner skin. It works by removing dead skin cells from the surface, revealing younger looking skin while unclogging pores & stimulating new cell growth. A truly addictive skin treatment that provides immediate results. Regular treatments will create a smoother, cleaner & clearer looking skin.


  • Magical Pedicure (30 minutes) – $50.00
  • Back Massage (30 minutes) – $45.00
  • ½ Leg Wax – $22.00

Rejuvenate, Brighten and Firm

LED Light

Rejuvenate, Brighten and Firm your skin with a LED Treatment. LED is an industry first innovative non-surgical Skin Rejuvenation that works at the cellular level of your skin. This treatment uses the entire visible light spectrum to treat specific skin conditions and fight the ageing process. Ideal for both corrective and preventative purposes, this fantastic treatment is non invasive and super relaxing. Great for teenagers with acne. (blue light)


  • LED Facial (60 mins) – $99.00
  • LED Facial add on (20 mins) – $45.00

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