Guinot – Hydra Beaute Cream


Allantoin, Shea, Trace elements, Phospholipids, Vitamin E, ALOE, Uv filters, several molecules which hydrates the skin.

Suitable for dehydrated, dry, sensitive skin.



Reduces the feeling of taut skin
Protects and softens the skin
Smoothes dehydration lines

Tube 50 ml

Active ingredients:

Hydrocyte Complex: moisturises, lastingly retains moisture and reduces its evaporation.
Shea butter: softens, forms an anti-evaporation film on the skin and nourishes.
Trace elements: energise and activate.
Phospholipids: rebuild the intercellular bonds.
Allantoin: soothes and softens.
Vitamin E: anti-free radical and antioxidant.


As a one month treatment, morning and/or evening.