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Blemish Removal

Blemish Removal by SW Diathermy

Not sure what blemishes, spots or other skin-based ailments we are able to treat? Below are some detailed descriptions on the cause, appearance and treatments for various skin ailments we commonly treat at our clinic Beauty Delphine. We deliver blemish removal services that restore confidence and help boost your self-esteem.


Using an advanced electrolysis method, the treatments at Beauty Delphine involve using a pen-like device with a very fine probe. This device emits short wave diathermy which cauterises the blemish which is then either fully removed on the day of treatment or will disperse naturally over a short period. Varied techniques are used depending on the blemish being treated. Patients may experience mild discomfort and healing time varies but is usually within a minimum of 10 days.

Skin Tags (Fibroepithelial Polyp/ Papilloma)

Benign growth of skin, commonly found in areas of friction such as the underarms, bikini, neck, eyes and under breast area. They usually appear to have a stalk-like attachment to the skin with a round, fleshy bulb tip. They also vary in size but tend to be very small to start and can sometimes grow to the size of a large pea. These are quickly and effectively removed on the day of treatment using the advanced electrolysis method.

Blood Spots (Campbell de Morgan/ Cherry Angiomas)

These are small benign red blood filled blemishes found on the body. They can be found anywhere but are usually more commonly found on the torso or sun-exposed areas. These vary in size and can be small and flat to larger and raised. Factors that contribute to their appearance include sun exposure, genetics, and age. Using diathermy these can be cauterised and therefore effectively dispersed throughout the body.

Thread Veins/ Spider Naevus 

These are vessels that vary in size. Due to various factors, Thread Veins can become permanently dilated, causing them to appear more prominently. The factors contributing to this is sun damage, ageing, hormones, trauma and exposure to extreme weather conditions. These can be found anywhere but tend to be most troublesome on the cheeks, chin, nose and legs. The diathermy emitted causes cauterisation of the blood, therefore, causing a breakdown of the treated vessel. Multiple treatments may be required for full effectiveness.


These are small white, hard round spots which lie superficially under the skin which contain keratin. It is suspected these occur when the skin is dehydrated. These are mainly found on the face and more specifically around the eye area. These can be easily treated with minimal effect on the skin using diathermy.
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Treatment Prices

Consultation (15min) W/ Take Home Care Kit – $99.00

Second Session (15min) – $89.00

Sessions (30min) – $135.00

mesotherapy face
In 2023 I received my English highest certificate for blemish removal level 4. This qualification is informed by English national standards for beauty therapy and required elements to work effectively as a fully commercial advanced blemish removal practioner . The VTCT works together with ITEC which is globally recognised range of qualifications and assessment system in health and beauty Internationally.

All blemish treatments will be carrier out with a proper consultation, treatment and after care at Eltham’s Skin Rejuvenation Clinic Beauty Delphine .

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