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Bloke Facials

Bloke Facials

Beauty Delphine’s Bloke Facials are customised based on skin type & condition to help restore the skin to a healthy appearance. Whether it’s your first facial experience or you are a Guinot skincare enthusiast, our professional aesthetician, Astrid, will target specific needs for men’s skin, which include soothing irritation from continuous shaving, managing excessive oil & treating sun damage from being an outdoor weekend warrior.

Customised treatment (75min)

Hydradermie – $139

The 5 star treatment personalised to your skin needs

Tailored to help the guys restore moisture to the skin –  leaving it balanced, refreshed and invigorated.  Tackle shaving irritation and give the skin an intense boost of hydration and nutrition.  Perfect for all skin types. Extractions included to de-congest the skin.

The Hydradermie is an exclusive Guinot treatment suited for all skin types. It is designed to provide amazing results in terms of youthful-looking skin. With age, your skin cells aren’t as active as they used to be. When the cells lack energy they reproduce more slowly and the synthesis of elastic fibres slows; where then the first signs of ageing appear. This patented treatment method will rejuvenate the skin’s appearance by restoring the cellular energy of younger skin.

The unique ionisation process enables rapid absorption of the active ingredients for exceptional effectiveness.

La Clinica 5 Layer Skin Peel (75min)

Age Reversal – $159

This is a Deep Peeling Treatment that may involve down-time as skin is treated with intensive strength ingredients to cause deep Exfoliation and Rejuvenation. This Peel reduces Lines, improves Acne, Acne scarring, Pigmentation, Removes Dead Skin Cells, smooths Scars and reduces Dryness and Dehydration.

Suitable for all skin types that are prepared 2 weeks prior to treatment.

5 Layer Skin Peel (60min)

Hydra Clean – $139

Removes dull skin to reveal a smoother, more hydrated complexion.  With both relaxing and detoxifying effects, this treatment will leave your skin feeling revitalised.


Microdermabrasion – $129

Microdermabrasion is a technique that removes the top most layer of dead skin. Using the original medical-grade diamond tip Microdermabrasion system, your aestheticians will leave your skin with a healthier, fresh appearance, and smooth texture that will help promote growth of healthy new skin.

Microdermabrasion add-on + $55.00

LED Therapy (60min)

Light Therapy – $109 

LED light rays help energise cells & stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins & regenerate cells. Increase collagen & elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation & destroy acne bacteria. Additional treatment mask & serums are also applied.

LED add-on 15 mins + $45.00


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