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Welcome to Beauty Delphine

Nestled among the gum trees in a quite peaceful corner of Eltham is Eltham’s Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, Beauty Delphine, a luxury home based beauty salon in Eltham and Astrid is a specialist in non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Beauty does not happen overnight, it takes time, research and study, experience and dedication. Our goal is to make a difference for everyone interested in learning how to bring to their faces health and natural beauty we all love. The treatments we offer are non invasive, yet professional and deliver direct, visible and sustainable results. We take our work and your skin seriously. It is vital that we first do a skin consultation before treating any skin condition.


Using the latest technologies we achieve superior results in treating all skin conditions and concerns. Astrid is a passionate and dedicated Beauty/Skin Therapist for more than thirty years. Trained in The Netherlands, Astrid has experience in the beauty world and has worked overseas in spas and beauty salons. Having a diploma in Advanced Beauty Therapy and International Diploma CIDESCO, Astrid takes pride in her work and always aim to ensure your complete satisfaction regarding every aspect of your visit. Working together with you can obtain the results that you have always been looking for.
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Our Story

Beauty Delphine was founded and created by experienced beauty therapist, Astrid.

Astrid was trained as beauty therapist in the Netherlands, working overseas in a variety of spas and beauty salons. She soon moved to Australia and started her beauty career in Melbourne. A couple of years later she created her own business which today is known as ‘Beauty Delphine.’

I introduced world – wide famous products which I use in my business today

“After using a French product when I started the business, I knew I wanted a more well known international cosmetic product, I decided to introduce Guinot into my salon;  a French pharmaceutical cosmetic product. I was very happy with La Clinica; an Australian Organic made product, as this implements with all my other products. Two years later I became intrigued by Vitamin A products and I was introduced to Osmosis Cosmetics; an American medical grade product. The retinaldehyte they use as their Vitamin A ingredient, is very safe to use on your skin and makes a remarkable difference to the ageing skin. About 2 years ago I introduced Esmi Mineral Foundation to the salon; a vegan mineral Australian made Product. Which has great coverage for all skin types.”

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We introduced our very own Hydraderm Machine

“I were so happy to introduce this to our clients! The new stronger Hydraderm machine of Guinot , it specialises in restoring beautiful and youthful skin. In 1972, GUINOT first offered Hydradermie, the first exclusive beauty treatment method for the skin. For the first time, an ionisation process had improved the penetration of skincare products, providing exceptional results and satisfying clients’ beauty objectives.”


I then introduced the Microdermabrasion Machine

“I was very excited to introduce this machine to our salon. It provides a minimal invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It helps to improve the skin of any sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scars and much more.”

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Next I introduced the IPL Machine

“Again so over the moon, excited, into introducing this to all our clients and business. The IPL machine is an intense pulsed light to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, including hair removal, photo-rejuvenation and many more.”

I also introduced the Electrolysis Machine

“Our beautiful electrolysis machine. I, again excited to introduce to our business. This machine uses the blend method, meaning it uses a combination of heat and current to speed up the galvanic chemical reaction to destroy the hair follicle. Overall it is a very effective method and often used in difficult areas.”

I then did a very big renovation in the salon

“In 2019 we expanded our salons size. I, now have two separate rooms to work in and we are very proud to utilise our new space for our clients.”


Where I am now

“This year I celebrated my 10th anniversary of ‘Beauty Delphine’ and more then 30 years of being in the beauty industry. I continue to grow and support all our clients in their journey to a healthy looking skin, and I love it!”

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