Are you feeling overwhelmed with our current obligations of rules and restrictions that we need to follow? I hope you all shouted out a ‘big, YES!’ As we have closed our salon due to these new set of rules and restrictions, it’s been tough; yet beauty treatments don’t need to be forgotten about! For me as a beauty therapist it is important to let all of you know, that you can still keep your skin looking healthy and feeling nourished from the comfort of your own home! Yep, you read that correctly! We are all faced with the hard reality that we are ultimately stuck in our own homes, however with the technology we utilise and my handy postman, I can bring ‘Beauty Delphine’ to you!

Thus, let me introduce to you our exciting new facial pack which, you guessed it – I called  ‘At Home Facial’ which only takes 40 minutes or less out of your day! This package will include a 30ml Cleanser, 30ml Toner, 15ml Exfoliant & 15 ml Guinot Cream Mask. For additional results you are able to add-on our Eye Logic Eye Mask & Masque Eclat Lifting


Guinot Mask facial

At home Facial Mask


Let me take you through each step on how you can get the best results from our very own ‘At Home Facial.’


Step 1. Cleansing

This is the first step to beautiful skin and a optimal preparation for the treatment.

I recommend using the Hydra Beaute Cleansing Milk (for all skin types) or Bioxygene Foam (combination, dull, oily skin) followed by Hydra BeauteToner to remove the residue which is left on your skin.


Step 2. Exfoliation

Exfoliate the skin with the Gommage Parfait, this scrub has got natural beads which won’t damage your skin and are environmental approved. Give yourself a gentle facial massage as you remove any dead skin cells. This will make your skin glow and enhance the absorption later on for the mask and your products. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water the scrub of your face.


Step 3. Eye CareGuinot Eye Logic Mask

Using our ‘Eye Mask’ will improve the density and firm the fragile eye area around the eyes, reducing puffiness and dark circles around the area. It will also will smooth and hydrate the skin around the eye. You can also take it a little step further and use the special Fleecy Mask around the eyes with the Eye Logic Mask to reduce the signs of ageing, puffiness and dark circles around the eye area.


Step 4. Guinot Mask

Anti Rides Mask or Lifting Mask: This helps to re-energise your skin, boost your moisture levels, plump it and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which can be used on all skin types. You could also use the amazing, Confort Mask: This is our clay based Mask to reduce redness, help sensitivity, nourish and hydrate the skin. Moreover you can use the Hydra Beaute Mask: This one is moreso a quick pick me up and hydrates the skin. If you know that you suffer from oily skin, I would then recommend our Guinot’s Equilibre Mask: This one is great to normalise the oily secretion of the skin and dry out pustules and pimples. 


Step 5. Complete the Facial with a Guinot Serum and a Guinot Cream

Bring the pampering treatment to an end with using one of Guinot’s serum boosters, to hydrate and firm the skin. Then use the Eye Cream around the Eye Area, Lonque Vie Eye Cream or Eye Logic. Then apply Guinot’s Lonque Vie Lip Cream as it’ll smooth the lines around your lip. Lastly, then apply Guinot’s Lonque Vie Neck Cream for your Neck and décolletage area, followed by one of Guinot’s Firming Recovery Creams.


Easy, effective and leaves you with beautiful, healthy-looking skin! 


Take a look at our shop here for any products you may need for this treatment. If you encounter any problems please contact us by calling the salon. When life is finally back to normal, your skin will be in tip-top shape! 


If you like a thorough step-by-step explanation for this treatment, book here a virtual skin consultation with Astrid by Skype for $55


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