Plasma Treatment at Beauty Delphine

Plasma skin regeneration is a non-laser treatment that uses a device to deliver energy in the form of plasma to rejuvenate skin by improving facial lines and wrinkles (rhytides) and skin pigmentation associated with photo ageing.

Plasma Lift technology involves the use of plasma that is formed through the ionization of atmospheric gas, which then works to stimulate the contraction, shortening and tightening of skin fibers. This results in the reduction of the skin surface.

Jai, our Plasma Therapist will perform Plasma treatments at Beauty Delphine.

Saturday 14th September 2019 3pm – 4pm

Please RSVP by 7th September 2019.

Plasma Fibroblast Open Day


Needling vs. Plasma Fibroblast

What’s the difference? And what’s the hype all about?

Needling regulates and normalises the skins function, for example a mature skin that has slowed down in cellular turnover, has fine lines, open pores and just looks dull. Needling normalises the production of fibroblasts due to that controlled, mechanical trauma.

And in a skin that is over producing melanin, say in the case of melasma or post-inflammatory pigmentation, needling normalises melanosome activity and less melanin is produced and deposited – without causing too much inflammation and without the heat other modalities generate, making it a safe and effective treatment for deep dermal pigmentation.

However, needling won’t give you that “lift” that plasma fibroblast gives.

Plasma Fibroblast (not be confused with PRP – plasma rich platelet) is creating tiny, fractionated radio frequency arcs, via the fourth state of matter – plasma.

These arcs then cause the instant contraction of collagen fibres, whist also creating thermal trauma, which instigates the production of fibroblasts – so 2 processes occur.

The reason plasma fibroblast treatments are so special and there’s so much hype around it, is because you can perform non surgical blephroplasty or skin tightening, due to the pin pointed precision that the arcs and controlled trauma being created.

Be aware that plasma pen can’t treat dermal pigmentation like needling does.

Additionally it’s not recommended that plasma fibroblast is performed on the whole face, it is slightly more aggressive and only smaller areas should be treated at a time.

Plasma Fibroblast Open Day