The international brand for skincare & beauty. It all started in 1963, when chemical engineer Rene Guinot set up the Guinot Laboratories and designed the first skin care device using galvanic current, defining the procedure for the beauty treatment originally called CATHIODERMIE, now the infamous HYDRADERMIE.



Guinot Guinot’s industrial policy is based on the most demanding standards in the medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing field.  Such is the way for the Guinot plant, a manufacturing and international logistics platform, that will see its development meet the GMP standard (Good manufacturing practices). Free from parabens.
For over 50 years, Guinot has maintained its philosophy and skills with its 11,000 beauty salons and spa’s in 70 countries worldwide, including being number 1 in France. Beauty Delphine  is a GUINOT salon and start achieving real results TODAY. 


Treatment Description Cost($)
Hydradermie Double Infusion
(1hour 15 minutes)
This tailored treatment combines the benefits of highly effective micro currents, designed to deeply cleanse the skin, and infuse active ingredients; plus a manual massage guaranteed to bring immediate and lasting results. 120
Eye Logic Contour Treatement
(40 minutes)
The fine and delicate skin around our eyes require a specialized treatment to minimize fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around our eyes. This treatment is a 40 minute session that focuses on the complete eye contour, using the Hydradermie Machine or Hydradermie Lift. The combination of machine technology and hands on Massage and the specially designed Eye Mask is to help drain puffiness, decongest dark circles and diminish fine lines. A course of 6 Eye Treatments is recommend over 6 consecutive weeks. 85
Hydradermie Buste
(45 minutes)
A complete treatment for the delicate bust area, the treatment has specialized products for the bust area, to firm, tone, hydrate and strengthen the skin 120
(1 hour)
This Facial is developed to lift the features by stimulating facial muscles, just as you ’sculpt’ your body in a gym, this treatments creates a ‘lift’ effect in just a few sessions. The skin recovers vitality and spectacular radiance. Course of 6 treatments is recommended

30 mins Express - $85
2 hours - $190
Hydraclean Facial
(1 hour)
This facial treatment proposes all essential steps for clear and radiant skin. A deep cleansing treatment with the Thermoclean heating electrode, the heat diffuses the hypersecretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, thereby eliminating excess sebum and toxins. Great for teenagers.

Express Hydra Clean 30 minutes - $50
Beaute Neuve Facial
(75 min)
The Beaute Neuve Double Peeling treatment is based on the use of Fruit Acids to provide a complete and gentle facial peeling. The Beaute Neuve treatment is suitable for all skin types and all ages with the benefit of anti-ageing ingredients and a relaxing Vitamin C treatment Mask. A treatment course of 4 treatments over 4 consecutive weeks is recommended. 120

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