A Facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments. Beauty Delphine offers a wide range of Facial Treatments tailored to your skin type. Facials are relaxing and good to reduce lines, re-hydrate and firm your skin to reach a clear and nourishing complexion, for that skin you always wanted!

Here at Beauty Delphine we provide you a wide range of facials for that special skin you always wanted!


Treatment Description Cost($)
Thermal Mask Facial This is a pure bliss intense moisture treatment for the face, a regenerative mask which lifts and tones the skin, it regenerates its own warmth, the specific nature of an ampoule and cream will then determine the effect of the mask on the skin. A scalp massage is added, you have never felt this relaxed before. 115
Guinot's Hydra Peel Facial The Hydra Ph Peel Facial diminishes Age Spots & Pigmentation, brightens up dull complexion & firms the skin followed by a Massage and Hydra Beaute Cooling Mask. Course of 6 treatments is recommended for optimum results. 120
Guinot's Liftosome Facial
(1 hour 15 minutes)
This Thermal facial is firming and a lifting treatment which infuses a cocktail of vitamins and collagen to the heart of the cells. The biopeptides restore radiance and vitality, smoothe the skin's surface and stimulate the production of elastin fibres leaving the skin firmer, plumper and glowing again. 120
Guinot's Aromatic Facial
(1 hour 15 minutes)
Awaken, restore and purify your skin with a facial powered by essential oils and plant extracts. It lifts the senses with a selection of aloe, lemon, orange, ginseng and green tea scents, incorporates a pressure point massage to relax your features and a beautiful cool mask to release all the tension. 95
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La Clinica Glycolic Peels

It helps you achieve flawless refined skin. Glycolic Acid is the most effective and suitable fruit acid for skin treatments. Glycolic penetrates into the skin, promoting exfoliation of dead skin cells and unglogging blocked pores. Outer layers of the skin are peeled away to reveal refined, fresher, younger looking skin.

Treatment Description Cost($)
Glycolic peel treatment
(40 minutes)
Pre-Purchase a course of 5 Glycolic Peels and receive the 6th one for free. 40 minutes for $65 per treatment. 325

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